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Talwin - Mirror

Talwin MIRROR Mirror


Victorian graphic artist, Talwin Morris, was Nicola’s inspiration for this brilliant range of Moorcr..

spring ducklings - Mug

spring ducklings MU2 Mug


Beautiful, comical little things, ducklings delight anybody who happens to stumble across a line of ..

Queens Choice - Plaque

Queens Choice PLQ6 Plaque


Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Nivalis - Plaque
Item Reduced

Nivalis PLQ5 Plaque

£245.00 £171.50

From Rachel’s ‘Reflections of a Decade’ collection over ten years ago, Nivalis was her favourite des..

Sybil Summer - Plaque
Members Only

Sybil Summer PLQ19 Plaque



Terrier - Plaque

Terrier PLQ5 Plaque



Arts and Crafts - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Arts and Crafts PLQ13 Plaque

£835.00 £417.50

Rachel Bishop has been described as ‘a true disciple of William Morris’. There is no doubt that Rach..

Cat Nap (Tabby) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Tabby) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a striped tabby cat standing amongst flowers and foliage. A numbered edition with a..

Ava Autumn - Plaque
Members Only

Ava Autumn PLQ19 Plaque



Harvest Poppy - Plaque

Harvest Poppy PLQ6 Plaque



Song of the Wind - Plaque

Song of the Wind PLQ2 Plaque


Although it cannot be seen, the earth and the sky bend to the song of the wind. Only the flowers sta..

Sweetness - Plaque
Item Reduced

Sweetness PLQ10 Plaque

£260.00 £182.00

With their delightful wisps and tendrils, sweet peas have made a lovely floral subject at Moorcroft ..

Daisy the Cat - Plaque

Daisy the Cat PLQ11 Plaque


Rachel aimed to create a twist on a vision of oxeye daisies using black tubing and select colours fo..

King Charles Spaniel (Tricolour) - Plaque

King Charles Spaniel (Tricolour) PLQ19 Plaque


Although he is born to be a companion, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel retains the sporty nature o..

Ammonite - Plaque

Ammonite PLQ 19 Plaque


Pushing the boundaries of experimentation with Moorcroft’s raw ingredients, Alicia designed four fos..


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