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Forever England - Jug

Forever England JU5 Jug


This stunning Collection from Moorcroft Pottery is designed by Vicky Lovatt. With golden cornfields ..

Spring Ducklings - Mug

Spring Ducklings MU2 Mug


Beautiful, comical little things, ducklings delight anybody who happens to stumble across a line of ..

Cool Water Day - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cool Water Day PLQ3 Plaque


A narrow window leads us into a vision of pure tranquillity. By day, the woodland glade is bathed by..

Sorcha Spring - Plaque
Members Only

Sorcha Spring PLQ19 Plaque


Four framed plaques featuring fairies in different seasons have been designed by Nicola Slaney. Each..

Stargazer Lily - Plaque

Stargazer Lily PLQ10 Plaque


With phenomenal accuracy, Vicky captures every curve and twist of fully-blossoming Stargazer lilies ..

Sea Campion - Plaque
Limited Edition

Sea Campion PLQ2 Plaque


Through the window of an old iron gate’s lattice work, sea campions with reddish-pink globular calyx..

Daisy the Cat - Plaque

Daisy the Cat PLQ11 Plaque


Rachel aimed to create a twist on a vision of oxeye daisies using black tubing and select colours fo..

Cool Water Moon - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cool Water Moon PLQ3 Plaque


A narrow window leads us into a vision of pure tranquillity. By night, the glade becomes a mysteriou..

Bishop's Blue - Tray

Bishop's Blue 780/4 Tray



Snow Song - Vase

Snow Song 32/5 Vase


With a simple colour palette of woodsmoke blue and mossy green, Rachel lets pearly white clay come t..

Bluebell Harmony - Vase

Bluebell Harmony 138/12 Vase



Queens Choice - Vase

Queens Choice 93/8 Vase


Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Harvest Poppy - Vase

Harvest Poppy 9/9 Vase



The Crockett Prince - Vase
Limited Edition

The Crockett Prince 372/11 Vase



Bishop's Blue - Vase

Bishop's Blue 32/2 Vase




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