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Cat Nap (Tabby) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Tabby) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a striped tabby cat standing amongst flowers and foliage. A numbered edition with a..

Twenty Winters - Plaque
Item Reduced

Twenty Winters PLQ9 Plaque

£135.00 £94.50

One of Nicola’s first designs featuring snowdrops was Heralds of Spring in 2000, winter irises and a..

Sorcha Spring - Plaque
Members Only

Sorcha Spring PLQ19 Plaque


Four framed plaques featuring fairies in different seasons have been designed by Nicola Slaney. Each..

Terrier - Plaque

Terrier PLQ5 Plaque



Daisy the Cat - Plaque

Daisy the Cat PLQ11 Plaque


Rachel aimed to create a twist on a vision of oxeye daisies using black tubing and select colours fo..

Sybil Summer - Plaque
Members Only

Sybil Summer PLQ19 Plaque



Harvest Poppy - Plaque

Harvest Poppy PLQ6 Plaque



Song of the Wind - Plaque

Song of the Wind PLQ2 Plaque


Although it cannot be seen, the earth and the sky bend to the song of the wind. Only the flowers sta..

Cat Nap (Black) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Black) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a contented black and white cat curled-up amongst flowers and foliage. Considerable..

Arts and Crafts - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Arts and Crafts PLQ13 Plaque

£835.00 £417.50

Rachel Bishop has been described as ‘a true disciple of William Morris’. There is no doubt that Rach..

Ava Autumn - Plaque
Members Only

Ava Autumn PLQ19 Plaque



Sweetness - Plaque
Item Reduced

Sweetness PLQ10 Plaque

£260.00 £182.00

With their delightful wisps and tendrils, sweet peas have made a lovely floral subject at Moorcroft ..

King Charles Spaniel (Tricolour) - Plaque

King Charles Spaniel (Tricolour) PLQ19 Plaque


Although he is born to be a companion, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel retains the sporty nature o..

Ammonite - Plaque

Ammonite PLQ 19 Plaque


Pushing the boundaries of experimentation with Moorcroft’s raw ingredients, Alicia designed four fos..

Wynnie Winter - Plaque
Members Only

Wynnie Winter PLQ19 Plaque




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