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Folklore Legend - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

Folklore Legend 769/6 Ginger Jar


Stretching her Persian colour palette as far as she dares, Nicola enters the world of wondrous drago..

Queens Choice - Ginger Jar

Queens Choice 769/8 Ginger Jar


Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

A World of Colour - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

A World of Colour 769/6 Ginger Jar


Few flowers bring in their wake a surge of emotions as powerful as the Lotus with its powerful blues..

Jessica De Rothschild - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

Jessica De Rothschild 769/6 Ginger Jar


A compact shrub, Rhododendron ‘Jessica de Rothschild’ delights with handsome foliage and rounded tru..

Delune - Ginger Jar + Watercolour

Delune 769/6 Ginger Jar + Watercolour


Watercolour dimensions 46 x 35 cm..

Folklore Legend - Ginger Jar + Watercolour

Folklore Legend 769/6 Ginger Jar + Watercolour


w/c Dimensions - 50 x 37 cm..

The Willow Ladies - Jug
Numbered Edition

The Willow Ladies JU3 Jug


The 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s birth was celebrated with a preview of the ten ..

Oakney - Jug + Watercolour

Oakney JU3 Jug + Watercolour


Watercolour Dimensions 41x30 cm..

Seconds Anna Lily - Lamp
Shade Sold Separate

Seconds Anna Lily L189/8 Lamp

£465.00 £302.25

What is a Moorcroft second? All our art pottery is closely inspected before it leaves the Moorcroft ..

The Gathering - Master - Plaque

The Gathering - Master PLQ13 Plaque


Disappear into the world of the Canada goose, as the pearl-grey underparts of their elongated bodies..

a world awakens - Plaque
Limited Edition

a world awakens PLQ18 Plaque


After hibernating, our sleepy hedgehog shuffles its way out of a nest of dry oak leaves, up through ..

victory 1 - Plaque

victory 1 PLQ2 Plaque



victory 2 - Plaque

victory 2 PLQ2 Plaque



Queens Choice - Master - Vase

Queens Choice - Master 42/12 Vase


Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Coming Home - Master - Vase

Coming Home - Master 159/10 Vase


A young Victorian courting couple meet on a fine snowy morning. The gentleman’s brown greyhound wait..


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