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Jessica De Rothschild - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

Jessica De Rothschild 769/6 Ginger Jar


A compact shrub, Rhododendron ‘Jessica de Rothschild’ delights with handsome foliage and rounded tru..

Queens Choice - Ginger Jar

Queens Choice 769/8 Ginger Jar


Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Rainbow Magic - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

Rainbow Magic 769/4 Ginger Jar


A survivor of two World Wars, numerous recessions and the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the flu pa..

Trewalkin Meadow - Jug
Limited Edition

Trewalkin Meadow JU3 Jug


This meadow in Brecknock is found at the foot of the Black Mountains. Its wild flowers give interest..

The Willow Ladies - Jug
Numbered Edition

The Willow Ladies JU3 Jug


The 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s birth was celebrated with a preview of the ten ..

Cool Water Day & Moon - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cool Water Day & Moon PLQ3 x2 Plaque


A narrow window leads us into a vision of pure tranquillity. By day, the woodland glade is bathed by..

Madame - Vase

Madame 104/9 Vase



Enchantment - Number 1 - Vase
Limited Edition

Enchantment - Number 1 393/7 Vase


It is often said that one should be as shrewd as snakes, and innocent as doves. In true De Morgan st..

Orange Tip - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Orange Tip 72/9 Vase

£795.00 £397.50

Butterflies provide one of the most exquisite visual experiences to be found in the countryside, and..

A Land at Peace - Vase
Limited Edition

A Land at Peace M1/6 Vase


So close was East Anglia to Germany and the northern reaches of the Western Front that it played a c..

Mediterranean Gulls - Vase
Limited Edition

Mediterranean Gulls 165/7 Vase


Mediterranean gulls are similar to the more-common black-headed gull, but they are larger with an al..

The Wild Brae - Vase

The Wild Brae JU3 Vase


Marked Des trial 11.0.05..

Protea - Vase

Protea 198/5 Vase


Marked Master and WM..

Factory of Flowers - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Factory of Flowers 117/7 Vase

£690.00 £483.00

Once the new 1919 bottle oven was up and running, production continued at a pace throughout the 1920..

Paix - Vase

Paix 226/12 Vase


Poppies and cornflowers are both symbols of World War I and World War II. In the Commonwealth, poppi..


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