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Moonlight reflections - Egg

Moonlight reflections Egg



Helensburgh Rose - Egg

Helensburgh Rose Egg



Daffodil Delight - Egg

Daffodil Delight Egg



Caverswall Chicks - Egg

Caverswall Chicks Egg



Harvest Poppy - Jug

Harvest Poppy JU7 Jug



Marwick Head - Jug
Limited Edition

Marwick Head JU3 Jug


It is well-known that bumblebees are great pollinators and therefore have a key role in producing mo..

Harvest Poppy - Jug

Harvest Poppy JU1 Jug



Good Cheer - Lidded Box

Good Cheer 125/4 Lidded Box



Talwin - Mirror

Talwin MIRROR Mirror


Victorian graphic artist, Talwin Morris, was Nicola’s inspiration for this brilliant range of Moorcr..

The Bottle Oven Legacy - Mug

The Bottle Oven Legacy MU2 Mug


The Moorcroft bottle oven, long-since retired, is known with affection as “the old lady” by those wh..

Factory of Flowers - Mug

Factory of Flowers MU2 Mug



City Guardians - Plaque

City Guardians PLQ6 Plaque


This year on Staffordshire Day, we had an extra reason to celebrate as Moorcroft’s Heritage Visitor ..

Paix - Plaque

Paix PLQ8 Plaque


Poppies and cornflowers are both symbols of World War I and World War II. In the Commonwealth, poppi..

Plow Light - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Plow Light PLQ3 Plaque


Plough Sunday is an English celebration of a new agricultural year. In the old days, villagers colle..

Coming to America - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Coming to America PLQ23 Plaque


What a sight the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty must have been as they greeted migrants..


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