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Seconds Sea Campion - Plaque
Limited Edition

Seconds Sea Campion PLQ2 Plaque

£495.00 £148.50

Through the window of an old iron gate’s lattice work, sea campions with reddish-pink globular calyx..

From Dusk to Dawn - Plaque
Numbered Edition

From Dusk to Dawn PLQ2 Plaque


Fascinated by the rhythmical flicker of Pied Wagtails squabbling in her garden, Emma took up her ske..

A Land at Peace - Plaque
Numbered Edition

A Land at Peace PLQ11 Plaque


So close was East Anglia to Germany and the northern reaches of the Western Front that it played a c..

Seconds Jellyfish - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Seconds Jellyfish PLQ2 Plaque

£395.00 £118.50

What is a Moorcroft second?All our art pottery is closely inspected before it leaves the Moorcroft f..

seconds The Golden Age of Steam - Plaque
Limited Edition

seconds The Golden Age of Steam PLQ23 Plaque

£1,585.00 £554.75

A wonder of Victorian Gothic Architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the world, St. Pan..

Frog on a Rocket - Plaque

Frog on a Rocket PLQ3 Plaque



Sweetness - Plaque

Sweetness PLQ10 Plaque


With their delightful wisps and tendrils, sweet peas have made a lovely floral subject at Moorcroft ..

Seconds Hidden Heart - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Seconds Hidden Heart PLQ10 Plaque

£380.00 £114.00

Each year Nicola manages to delve deeper into the mysterious depths of the Glasgow Art Movement and ..

Kaleidoscope of Colour - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Kaleidoscope of Colour PLQ3 Plaque


When Rachel set about creating a commemorative plaque to celebrate Moorcroft’s 1919 bottle oven’s ce..

Dove Cottage 6 - Plaque

Dove Cottage 6 PLQ8 Plaque



Seconds Stargazer Lily - Plaque

Seconds Stargazer Lily PLQ10 Plaque

£495.00 £148.50

PLEASE NOTE SELECTED PIECES MAY HAVE NO SILVER LUSTRE    With phenomenal accuracy, Vicky captures ..

Seconds Penguin Frieze - Plaque

Seconds Penguin Frieze PLQ10 Plaque

£370.00 £111.00

A thought-inspiring design from a great Moorcroft designer.  Nicola Slaney introduces a famly of pen..

Wynnie Winter - Plaque
Members Only

Wynnie Winter PLQ19 Plaque



Trilobite - Plaque

Trilobite PLQ 19 Plaque


Pushing the boundaries of experimentation with Moorcroft’s raw ingredients, Alicia designed four fos..

Ullswater Cloud - Plaque
Limited Edition

Ullswater Cloud PLQ11 Plaque


The inspiration for the poem came from a walk Wordsworth took with his sister Dorothy around Glencoy..


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