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Moorcroft, an Arts and Crafts pottery, evolved from the ground-breaking 19th Century designs of William Moorcroft. William, whose own father, Thomas Moorcroft, was a botanical artist, is renowned for his Florian Ware, which, as the name suggests, was based around designs of British wild flowers like daffodils and cornflowers. Over a century later, Moorcroft has harnessed the vitality and beauty of the natural world into a hot house of ceramic design, collected and housed in museums worldwide. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the UK’s largest gardening charity and is committed to transforming lives and our world through gardening. It is also, not unlike Moorcroft, a key part of the UK’s distinguished horticultural heritage.


For 2024, Emma was inspired by hand-coloured engravings of roses by Henry Cranke Andrews (f.1794-1830), an English botanist, as well as a talented botanical artist, engraver and colourist. The Botanist's Repository was his first publication. It was issued in London in a series of ten volumes between 1797 and 1812. In truth, it would be his monograph on roses, which demonstrates his sheer observational accuracy of the genus Rosa that would cause his name to be celebrated in Moorcroft art pottery and his roses admired again the world over. The full title of Andrews’s monograph on roses is Roses: or a monograph of the genus Rosa: containing coloured figures of all the known species and beautiful varieties, drawn, engraved, described, and coloured, from the living plants. It was published by Andrews in two volumes, in 1805 and 1828. Roses for Henry Cranke Andrews holds a riveting rose collection in a vast array of colour and form, from ruffled and single bloom roses to rich heritage colours, mixed with pale and Mediterranean hues, to evoke a quintessentially English country garden underglaze. In truth, you cannot have an English country garden without a remarkable legacy of roses, and it is through Rose Legacy that Moorcroft was able to bring together all of the seven different roses in the collection that botanical artist Henry Cranke Andrews brought to life with his fine paintings around two hundred years ago, as the central design in this collection. The hours of craftsmanship involved in the creation of this masterpiece will make you swoon as Rosa eglanteria 'Lutea', Rosa spinosissima ‘Nana’, Rosa spinosissima var. luteola contrast against the softer hues of the other blooms – each of which brings a kaleidoscope of colour.

View Roses for Henry Cranke Andrews RHS Collection


For 2023, an extensive collection of early nineteenth-century watercolours of flowers from the RHS Lindley Collections, by Caroline Maria Applebee (c. 1787 – 16 September 1854), the eldest daughter of the Rev. John Applebee, were adapted into a Moorcroft Collection of seven pieces by Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney. 

With reverence, Nicola noted that each Applebee watercolour was superbly executed and composed while representing some of the most fashionable plants of the early nineteenth century. The RHS Applebee Collection is historically exciting as well as enchanting in its own right as the Moorcroft designer takes Applebee’s watercolours into multi-faceted forms under glaze.

Cathy Snow, RHS Licensing Manager, says: “These beautiful pieces of art pottery bring together the design skills of Moorcroft and the artistic inspiration from the RHS Lindley Collections of botanical art to wonderful effect. Moorcroft’s latest collaboration with the RHS has resulted in an outstanding collection that will be a stunning addition to any home.”


In 2022, the unique collaboration between Moorcroft and our licensing partner, the RHS, opened the gates of design and artistry par excellence, transforming precious RHS watercolours from acclaimed RHS orchid illustrator, Nelly Roberts, into five exotic orchid designs of sophistication and wonder. Each piece of art pottery is made entirely by hand in the Arts and Crafts tradition and designed by Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney. If this was not enough, the collection was  launched on the joint 150th anniversary of Moorcroft’s founding father, William Moorcroft, and Nelly Roberts herself – both born in 1872.

Cattleya Dupreana gx 'The Dell' © RHS. Credit: RHS Lindley Collections / Nelly Roberts.

In April 2022 a simple memorial plaque was placed at the burial site of Nelly Roberts, the first orchid artist for the RHS Orchid Committee and a bunch of orchids was laid beside it by the current RHS orchid artist Deborah Lambkin. The sheer beauty that this watercolourist’s brush captured during her 56-year career as an illustrator for the RHS Orchid Committee is incalculable, diffusing her talent on generations to come in much the same way as the forefather of Moorcroft pottery, William Moorcroft, left a legacy of cultural heritage in the ceramic idiom. Nelly’s illustrations received no global fame outside of the horticultural world and yet are the most exquisite illustrations you are ever likely to observe – it is almost as if the orchids are unfurling before your very eyes to create a piece of heaven. This year, five Moorcroft designs, each holding a different orchid cultivar or hybrids inspired by Nelly’s work, and even an orchid holding her own name, will blossom in fired earth as a worldwide testament to the genius of Nelly Roberts.


The first and, to date, longest serving RHS orchid artist, Nelly was employed to paint life-sized illustrations of award-winning orchids. These built a reference collection of images of cultivars and hybrids for the Society that are held within the RHS Lindley Collections. Nelly left behind over 4,500 studies of orchids, which have been lovingly commemorated by Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney, in For The Love of Orchids RHS Collection to mark the 150th Anniversary of her birth in October this year.

Nelly lived and worked in a room above the family shop at 72 Loughborough Road in Brixton. ‘Very shy & retiring,’ she painted away in a ‘small, neat but rather cold room’, according to The Orchid Review. With sheer determination, notwithstanding rheumatoid arthritis and chilblains, the celebrated RHS illustrator worked tirelessly for the RHS until 1953, Coronation year.

Nelly’s world-class orchid illustrations were first recognised by the charity with an RHS Gold medal in 1900 and the Silver Veitch Memorial Medal on her retirement in 1953.



Moorcroft have had a strong association with the RHS in recent years, notably through exhibition gardens at RHS shows, and other collaborations, including: the 2021 Fiori Bottan Collection which sought inspiration from a collection of 45 original watercolours on vellum from an album entitled ‘Fiori Bottan’ also from the RHS Lindley Collections; the 2020 RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year Collection inspired by celebrated ‘horticultural royalty’, the winners and shortlisted breeders and nurseries who produced exciting and ground-breaking new plants for the RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year Awards in 2019. Prior to that, Moorcroft recognised the horticultural icon, Lady Beatrix Stanley, in designs based on her own floral watercolour studies, as well as a Rose Collection inspired by illustrations from the likes of Mary Lawrence’s (1794 -1830) Selection of Roses From Nature, which was one of the first books solely dedicated to roses and one single copy of which can reach £120,000 on the secondary market, and Pierre Joseph Redoute, who painted most of the roses from Empress Josephine’s garden at Malmaison from 1817 to 1824.

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