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Caverswall Chicks - Egg
Item Reduced

Caverswall Chicks Egg

£225.00 £157.50


Daffodil Delight - Egg
Item Reduced

Daffodil Delight Egg

£235.00 £164.50


Fanfare - Ewer

Fanfare 139/12 Ewer


Marked: Design Trial 28/7/03 Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman Painter: Hayley Moore..

Kelmscott Artichoke - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced

Kelmscott Artichoke 769/4 Ginger Jar

£380.00 £266.00

William De Morgan was a lifelong friend of William Morris, and worked with him at Morris, Marshall, ..

Queens Choice - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced

Queens Choice 769/8 Ginger Jar

£670.00 £469.00

Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Twenty Winters - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced

Twenty Winters 769/4 Ginger Jar

£310.00 £217.00

One of Nicola’s first designs featuring snowdrops was Heralds of Spring in 2000, winter irises and a..

Bramble Revisited - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced

Bramble Revisited 769/8 Ginger Jar

£545.00 £381.50

In 2013 designer Alicia Amison re-imagined Bramble Revisited as a clean, fresh pattern against an iv..

Talwin - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Talwin 769/20 Ginger Jar

£5,610.00 £3,927.00

Nicola’s design has its roots in the front cover of ‘Select Poems of Robert Burns.’ Two doves mirror..

Tengu - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced

Tengu 769/4 Ginger Jar

£315.00 £220.50

The mountains and forests of Japan have long been the domain of the legendary Tengu, one of the most..

The Forest - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

The Forest 769/8 Ginger Jar


William Morris' used birds and animals in his early tapestries as a forebearer to his later carpet p..

Silent Watchman - Ginger Jar
Numbered Edition

Silent Watchman 769/4 Ginger Jar


A patchwork blanket of snow muffles the gentle padding paws of a lone badger snuffling in the underg..

Trewalkin Meadow - Jug
Limited Edition

Trewalkin Meadow JU3 Jug


This meadow in Brecknock is found at the foot of the Black Mountains. Its wild flowers give interest..

Rennie Rose - Jug
Item Reduced

Rennie Rose JU7 Jug

£285.00 £199.50

With the unity of sleek Glasgow style and the spirit of romanticism, architect and designer, Charles..

Harvest Poppy - Jug
Item Reduced

Harvest Poppy JU7 Jug

£187.50 £131.25


Harvest Poppy - Jug
Item Reduced

Harvest Poppy JU1 Jug

£175.00 £122.50



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