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Frog March - Bonbonniere

Frog March 28/10 Bonbonniere


Like tadpoles in a pond, we all start life as something small and seemingly insignificant. Only as w..

The Forest - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

The Forest 769/8 Ginger Jar


William Morris' used birds and animals in his early tapestries as a forebearer to his later carpet p..

Flambe Gardeners Gold - Lamp and Shade

Flambe Gardeners Gold L8/6 Lamp and Shade



Arts and Crafts - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Arts and Crafts PLQ13 Plaque

£835.00 £584.50

Rachel Bishop has been described as ‘a true disciple of William Morris’. There is no doubt that Rach..

Loch Anna - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Loch Anna 398/14 Vase

£995.00 £696.50

Since 1878 the Shire Horse Society has been working to protect the breed that was then known as the ..

Lamia - Vase

Lamia 95/10 Vase



Flambe Snow Song - Vase
Item Reduced

Flambe Snow Song 7/7 Vase

£950.00 £665.00


Arundina - Vase
Limited Edition

Arundina 95/10 Vase


From 1918 onwards, William Moorcroft drew a dramatic range of designs which featured irises, narciss..

Arundina - Vase
Limited Edition

Arundina 364/12 Vase



Queens Choice - Vase
Item Reduced

Queens Choice 117/12 Vase

£870.00 £609.00

Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Waterways - Vase
Numbered Edition

Waterways 7/7 Vase


Stoke-on-Trent is home to not one but two canals – the Trent and Mersey and the Caldon. The former t..

March Hare Today - Vase
Limited Edition

March Hare Today 25/9 Vase


For the 2018 catalogue, Kerry introduced us to a powerful pair of hares set among fields and scatter..

Flambe Forever England - Vase
Item Reduced

Flambe Forever England 49/8 Vase

£840.00 £588.00


Williams Pear - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Williams Pear 82/16 Vase

£975.00 £682.50

William Morris was a prolific poet, and his first books of poetry, The Defence of Guinevere (1858) a..

Blackpool Memories - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Blackpool Memories 159/10 Vase

£880.00 £616.00

Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic depiction of Blackpool. Red and white deck chairs b..


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