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Club Exclusives

All pieces featured on this page are only available to Moorcroft Club Members.

Packmoor Pond - Tray

Packmoor Pond 780/4 Tray


In Packmoor Pond a solitary July waterlily blooms in shades of pink and purple, while boldly sitting..

Flower of Hope - Vase
Members Only

Flower of Hope 54/2 Vase


The miniature Moorcroft Club renewal vase, exclusively available to Club Members who renew their mem..

Golden Fleece - Vase

Golden Fleece 93/8 Vase


Originally released in February 2020, the last remaining pieces from this small limited edition are ..

Cherish - Vase
Members Only

Cherish 200/5 Vase


The annual Moorcroft Club vase, exclusive to Club Members in the year 2020. Tiny, brilliant, softly..

Jewel of July - Vase
Limited Edition

Jewel of July 152-5 Vase


The waterlily is known to symbolise the month of July and reminds us of the simple joys of summer. N..

Sign of the Times - Vase
Limited Edition

Sign of the Times 3/5 Vase


In April this year designer, Kerry Goodwin, celebrated her 20th anniversary at Moorcroft. Sadly, the..

Fairydom - Vase
Limited Edition

Fairydom 372/5 Vase


Dark shadows and linear shapes in the background of this design mark out the mysterious woodland tre..

Queens Choice at Christmas - Vase
Members Only

Queens Choice at Christmas 7/7 Vase


One of Moorcroft’s best-loved designs puts on its Christmas decorations to celebrate anther year on ..

Night Hunter - Vase
Members Only Numbered Edition

Night Hunter 18/16 Vase


Silent by day and a hunter by night, the Great Horned Owl is very much a family-orientated bird. Thi..

My Collection - Name Stand
Members Only

My Collection NP Name Stand




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