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Club Exclusives

All pieces featured on this page are only available to Moorcroft Club Members.

Wild Poppy Dance - Vase
Members Only

Wild Poppy Dance 98/2 Vase


Selecting colours is second nature to Rachel Bishop, and the colours she selects are second-to-none...

New Foundations - Vase
Members Only

New Foundations 4/2 Vase


Almost 30 years have elapsed since a radical new idea to start a Moorcroft Collectors’ Club was bull..

Morello - Vase
Members Only

Morello 576/2 Vase


Whilst on holiday in Turkey many years ago, Moorcroft Chairman and Secretary, Hugh and Maureen Edwar..

Demeter - Vase
Members Only

Demeter 226/2 Vase


Second in the Soli Fleur series, came Demeter in 2008, featuring vivid orange and pale-yellow poppie..

Saeculo - Vase
Members Only

Saeculo 54/2 Vase


Emma’s design for the 2014 Moorcroft Club vase demonstrated the vast array of colours now available ..

Fit for a Queen - Vase
Members Only

Fit for a Queen 10/2 Vase


A special visual experience is often the catalyst to a great or unusual design, and so it was with K..

Persephone - Vase
Members Only

Persephone 23/2 Vase


2007 brought the first in a series of four ‘Soli Fleur’ designs exclusively for Moorcroft Club membe..

Coal Tits - Vase
Members Only

Coal Tits 3/2 Vase


Not unlike the Moorcroft Club itself, the humble coal tit is always restless. Flitting from the dens..

Speckled Wood - Vase
Members Only

Speckled Wood 869/2 Vase


Nature-loving Kerry Goodwin spotted a Speckled Wood butterfly perched in a pool of sunlight before f..

Christmas Rose Flambe - Vase
Members Only

Christmas Rose Flambe 62/11 Vase


The Moorcroft Club is delighted to be launching a brand new flambé-painted design, on the 62/11 shap..

Hibiscus Flambe - Vase
Members Only

Hibiscus Flambe 393/10 Vase



Bobbing Boats - Vase
Numbered Edition

Bobbing Boats 159/10 Vase



Pole to Pole - Vase
Numbered Edition

Pole to Pole 93/8 Vase



Delightful - Ginger Jar
Numbered Edition

Delightful 769/6 Ginger Jar


The ability to stay creative and inventive as a designer after years spent on the job, is something ..

Triginta  - Vase
Members Only

Triginta 102/3 Vase


Anniversaries are special at Moorcroft. Each landmark is something to be celebrated and acknowledged..


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