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Club Exclusives

All pieces featured on this page are only available to Moorcroft Club Members.

Delightful - Ginger Jar
Numbered Edition

Delightful 769/6 Ginger Jar


The ability to stay creative and inventive as a designer after years spent on the job, is something ..

Irresistible - Vase
Limited Edition

Irresistible 393/7 Vase


The very first exclusive Club vase, launched in 1987, was Grapevine by Sally Tuffin. What is now etc..

The Enchantresses - Vase
Limited Edition

The Enchantresses 121/10 Vase


Along with unrivalled beauty, myths and legends portray mermaids with heart-stopping voices. They ar..

Purring - Vase
Numbered Edition

Purring 33/3 Vase


Vicky is an artist whose eye for the unconventional, the humorous and the quirky, can often be found..

New Forest Moon - Vase
Numbered Edition

New Forest Moon 98/5 Vase


Several years after the Moorcroft Club was founded, a young artist joined the workforce and became t..

Sweetness - Vase
Limited Edition

Sweetness 159/10 Vase


One of the earliest Moorcroft Club designs by Sally Tuffin featured sweet peas, with a soft sage col..

Triginta  - Vase
Members Only

Triginta 102/3 Vase


Anniversaries are special at Moorcroft. Each landmark is something to be celebrated and acknowledged..

Hibiscus Flambe - Vase
Members Only

Hibiscus Flambe 393/10 Vase



Bobbing Boats - Vase
Numbered Edition

Bobbing Boats 159/10 Vase



Pole to Pole - Vase
Numbered Edition

Pole to Pole 93/8 Vase



My Collection - Name Stand
Members Only

My Collection NP Name Stand



Harbour - Plaque
Members Only

Harbour PLQ3 Plaque


Colourful boats are dotted around a naïve-style harbour scene, faintly washed with blue. With its na..

Christmas in the Cotswolds - Plaque
Members Only

Christmas in the Cotswolds PLQ8 Plaque




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