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Times Gone By - Vase
Numbered Edition

Times Gone By 364/20 Vase


A city’s gate becomes the docking port for the imagination. You wander into a world where horse draw..

Swallowtail - Vase
Numbered Edition

Swallowtail 576/15 Vase


Meet the largest and one of the most localised butterflies in the UK - the swallowtail. Blown up to ..

Rennie Rose - Vase

Rennie Rose 7/3 Vase


With the unity of sleek Glasgow style and the spirit of romanticism, architect and designer, Charles..

Seconds Bursley - Vase
Numbered Edition

Seconds Bursley 64/13 Vase

£715.00 £465.00

Kerry Goodwin brings us Bursley- a Florianesque design in tribute to the pottery metropolis. Her des..

Bramble Revisited - Vase

Bramble Revisited 769/8 Vase


In 2013 designer Alicia Amison re-imagined Bramble Revisited as a clean, fresh pattern against an iv..

Loves Omen - Vase
Numbered Edition

Loves Omen 393/7 Vase


According to the ancient art of ornithomancy, a lady can turn to birdwatching on St. Valentine’s Day..

Allegria Orchid - Vase

Allegria Orchid 101/7 Vase



My Old Friend - Vase

My Old Friend 54/2 Vase


Kerry could not set about a miniature cat design without also paying homage to man’s best friend, th..

Sweetness - Vase

Sweetness 33/3 Vase


With their delightful wisps and tendrils, sweet peas have made a lovely floral subject at Moorcroft ..

Forever England - Vase

Forever England 49/8 Vase


This stunning Collection from Moorcroft Pottery is designed by Vicky Lovatt. With golden cornfields ..

Bramble Revisited - Vase

Bramble Revisited 7/2 Vase


In 2013 designer Alicia Amison re-imagined Bramble Revisited as a clean, fresh pattern against an iv..

Thalia - Vase
Limited Edition

Thalia 100/9 Vase


Narcissus Thalia is one of the few daffodils that open out into pure white. Once in bloom, it is ref..

Queens Choice - Vase

Queens Choice 80/6 Vase


Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Tengu - Vase

Tengu 42/12 Vase


The mountains and forests of Japan have long been the domain of the legendary Tengu, one of the most..

Anna lily - Vase

Anna lily 159/8 Vase


Moorcroft designer Nicola Slaney introduced Anna Lily in 2001. Since then, its rich and exhuberant f..


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