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Moorcroft pottery has enriched homes with colour and craftsmanship for more than one hundred years. With a history built on superb artistry, Moorcroft is as strong and lively today as it has ever been.

The Moorcroft Club was founded in 1987 and over the years has developed its own tidal wave of enthusiasm, not only in the United Kingdom but also reaching out to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America and Canada.

The Club has grown into a wonderful community of knowledgeable and enthusiastic members who are offered a wide variety of exclusive benefits. Whether you become a member to learn more about Moorcroft or whether it is a desire to take part in our annual events or simply because you wish to further your appreciation of the beauty of handmade art pottery, we have no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy your membership.



Enjoy some unmissable benefits with Moorcroft Club membership:

• 10% off Moorcroft pottery purchased online or at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre in Stoke-on-Trent and James Macintyre & Co, Leeds, when you show your Club card.
• Quarterly Club Journals including factory news, exclusive new Club designs, plus numerous interesting and informative articles.
• An invitation to May and September Open Weekends and Christmas Weekend at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre, with auctions, celebrity guest speakers and delicious food, solely for Club members.
• Complimentary £50 Gift Voucher each year, plus varying seasonal vouchers.
• Invitations to events held in Stoke-on-Trent or throughout the UK at specially-selected locations.
• Unlimited free-of-charge factory tours.
• Receive information about design launches throughout the year, plus advanced notification of Moorcroft Designer appearances and sales.

If you are already a member of the Moorcroft Club, please click the ‘Register’ button, which can be found within the blue banner at the top of this page. From here you will be asked to enter a few simple details, including your membership number, so please have this to hand. Once registered you will instantly receive your 10% Members Discount on purchases on this website, but it may take up to 48 hours for Club exclusive designs to become available to you.

You can join the Club by phone or email, or on line by selecting the relevant Membership category below, or by returning a completed application form, supplied by a member of staff.

Membership Category Annual Price
E-Membership (UK)* £20
E-Membership (Overseas)* £20
Individual (UK) £40
Individual (Overseas) £45

* E-Membership still entitles you to a 10% discount Club card, £50 Club Voucher and invitations to events in the post, but printed catalogues, flyers and new launch brochures will only be available online via the website and not delivered to your doorstep. The quarterly journals will be sent to you via email. We feel this approach helps us to be mindful of environmental concerns about printed matter.

Digital copies of our catalogues and flyers can be found here.

Keep your catalogues and journals in pristine condition with our especially designed binders.  Click here to purchase.



Moorcroft Club members2018 STAR AWARD DESIGNS

The Star Award Scheme rewards members for their continued Club membership. A member gains one star for every three years of membership and can earn up to five stars after fifteen years. Your member's star status is printed on your membership card, however if you are unsure of your star status please email for confirmation.

Unusually, this year offers two colourways of Flower of Youth. Azaleas have been a favourite of designer Kerry Goodwin for many years. Certainly, the flowers suggest elegance and wealth, but as Kerry is quick to point out, they also suggest a passion which is still fragile and in the course of development. This reflects a fundamental truth about azaleas because petals from its blooms can fall off the shrub if brushed by a passing person or a gust of wind. In other words, fragility is a constant feature of new or young love which may yet still fail to develop into a full, undamaged flower.

Drawn on the attractive 370/6 shape, Flower of Youth, will soon have a following within the Moorcroft Club, doubly so because it comes in two colourways. The blue colourway would have been familiar to Moorcroft’s founding father, William, in his early days at James Macintyre & Co. At the beginning of the last century, blue-on-blue as it was called, was not really a colour combination but rather different shades of the same colour – cobalt blue.  The other colourway harnesses metallic oxide burgundy, an unusual colour available to Moorcroft designers and artists.  

Club members are free to choose whichever colourway they prefer or both if the history of colour development is of interest. Importantly, 2018 presents itself as a Star Award limited edition year and each vase come as a limited edition of 50.

Flower of Youth is available on a tiered pricing stucture based on your star status.  

Flower of Youth Member Discount Price
0 Star Member n/a £375.00
1 Star Member 5% £356.25
2 Star Member 10% £337.50
3 Star Member 15% £318.75
4 Star Member 20% £300.00
5 Star Member 25% £281.25
Gold Member 30% £262.50

Please contact to place your order.

Moorcroft Club members EXCLUSIVE designS

As part of the Moorcroft Club you get access to our 'Member Exclusive' designs:



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