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Rose Ladies 1 - Clock
Item Reduced

Rose Ladies 1 CL3 Clock

£530.00 £344.50

This duo of silent ladies are inspired by the motifs of such figures to be found at Mackintosh at th..

Talwin - Clock

Talwin CL1 Clock


Victorian graphic artist, Talwin Morris, was Nicola’s inspiration for this brilliant range of Moorcr..

Snow Song - Ginger Jar

Snow Song 769/6 Ginger Jar


With a simple colour palette of woodsmoke blue and mossy green, Rachel lets pearly white clay come t..

Oakney 2 - JUg
Item Reduced

Oakney 2 JU3 JUg

£475.00 £308.75


Forever England - Jug

Forever England JU5 Jug


This stunning Collection from Moorcroft Pottery is designed by Vicky Lovatt. With golden cornfields ..

Seconds Sweetness - Lamp
Shade Sold Separate

Seconds Sweetness L122/8 Lamp

£360.00 £126.00

What is a Moorcroft second? All our art pottery is closely inspected before it leaves the Moorcroft ..

Flambé Window 1 - Lidded Box
Item Reduced

Flambé Window 1 125/4 Lidded Box

£495.00 £247.50

This small lidded box has a festive poinsettia flower in the centre of its lid. Around its circumfer..

Dove Cottage - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Dove Cottage PLQ8 Plaque


Wordsworth came to Dove Cottage just before Christmas in 1799, after years of restless wandering and..

Dove Cottage 1 - Plaque
Item Reduced

Dove Cottage 1 PLQ8 Plaque

£465.00 £302.25


Sea Campion - Plaque
Limited Edition

Sea Campion PLQ2 Plaque


Through the window of an old iron gate’s lattice work, sea campions with reddish-pink globular calyx..

Dove Cottage 6 - Plaque
Item Reduced

Dove Cottage 6 PLQ8 Plaque

£465.00 £302.25


Cranes on Parade - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cranes on Parade PLQ2 Plaque


Cranes became extinct in the UK in the 1600s, but a small number started breeding again in Norfolk i..

seconds The Golden Age of Steam - Plaque
Limited Edition

seconds The Golden Age of Steam PLQ23 Plaque

£1,585.00 £554.75

A wonder of Victorian Gothic Architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the world, St. Pan..

Stargazer Lily - Plaque

Stargazer Lily PLQ10 Plaque


With phenomenal accuracy, Vicky captures every curve and twist of fully-blossoming Stargazer lilies ..

Dove Cottage 4 - Plaque
Item Reduced

Dove Cottage 4 PLQ8 Plaque

£465.00 £302.25



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