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Heritage Collection

Welcome to the Moorcroft Heritage Collection page. Discover specially-selected designs from years gone by which have long since been retired from production. Periodically, Moorcroft launches a small wave of these historic pots, saved especially for connoisseurs. The age of Heritage Collection pots can vary from 5 to 30 years old and many are impossible to find on the secondary market. Only one of each design is available, meaning that time is of the essence for those who wish to secure a piece.

We hope you enjoy browsing a selection of notable Moorcroft designs, confined to the history books but available once more for you to appreciate and acquire.

Fanfare - Ewer

Fanfare 139/12 Ewer


Marked: Design Trial 28/7/03 Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman Painter: Hayley Moore..

Circus Spangles - Number 1 - Lidded Box

Circus Spangles - Number 1 401/5 Lidded Box


Bold red wine coloured fuchsias, one of designer Rachel Bishop’s favourite flowers, adorn this cheer..

Study In Blue - Vase

Study In Blue 82/12 Vase


Marked: Master Tubeliner: Caroline Hulme..

Compton - Vase

Compton 372/15 Vase


Marked: Trial 19/02/07 Tubeliner: Gillian Johnson Painter: Hayley Moore..

Crowning Glory - Vase

Crowning Glory 101/7 Vase


Marked: Trial 9/3/07  ..

Meadow Star - Vase

Meadow Star 92/6 Vase


Marked: Trial 13/08/01 Tubeliner: Caroline Hulme Painter: Hayley Moore..

Dibden Daisy - Vase

Dibden Daisy 138/12 Vase


Marked: Trial 8/11/07 Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman Painter: Hayley Moore..

Broomy Wood - Vase

Broomy Wood 138/12 Vase


Marked: Trial 19/9/12 Tubeliner: Heidi Simon Painter: Sue Pointon..

Petaldome - Vase

Petaldome 7/7 Vase


Marked: Trial 12/6/12..

Fallow Field - Vase

Fallow Field 75/8 Vase


Marked: Trial 15/4/05 Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman Painter: Hayley Moore..

Circus Spangles - Vase

Circus Spangles 401/5 Vase


Marked: Trial 25/01/12 Tubeliner: Gill Powell Painter: Karen Mellor..

Regent - Vase

Regent 120/16 Vase


Marked: Trial 29/3/06 Painter: Bev Wilkes..

Polka Dot Polly - Vase

Polka Dot Polly 99/11 Vase


Marked: Trial 21/3/13 Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman Painter: Hayley Moore..

Lady Cecilia - Vase

Lady Cecilia 402/4 Vase


Marked: Trial 25/7/03 Tubeliner: Caroline Hulme Painter: Hayley Moore..

Jewel - Vase

Jewel 138/12 Vase


Marked: Trial 10/9/03 Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman Painter: Hayley Moore..


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