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Fair Maids of February

By late January, the Moorcroft borders are ready to receive its first guests of the season; snowdrops. The same arrivals are eagerly anticipated, in all varieties and hybrids, in both botanical and ceramic form. Snowdrops have graced Moorcroft’s designs for several decades now, but for the first time we are delighted to launch a collection which celebrates the diversity of this delicate white flower which seems to thrive under the harshest conditions. The snowdrop has accumulated almost 30 alternative English names. A.S. Macmillan lists Jack in the Green, dewdrops, drooping bell, Eve’s tear and white bells from Somerset to name but a few. In this new collection, frosty-white and fresh green colours refer to the combination of vital new growth during the freezing days of winter.

Cinnamon Snow - Jug
Limited Edition

Cinnamon Snow JU4 Jug


Pink buds open to creamy white flowers suffused with warm rose and cinnamon: a floral masterpiece. ..

Nivalis - Plaque

Nivalis PLQ5 Plaque


From Rachel’s ‘Reflections of a Decade’ collection over ten years ago, Nivalis was her favourite des..

Rainbow Goddess - Vase
Limited Edition

Rainbow Goddess 161/11 Vase


With 20 years of experience under her belt, Nicola’s ability to create patterns with organic subject..

Snow Prism - Vase
Limited Edition

Snow Prism 7/5 Vase




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