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A Fine Vintage Collection

Whilst succulent vines are the darling of still-life paintings, symbolizing life’s transience, grapes and vines also offer an abundance of other themes in art, including sensuality, fruitfulness, kingship, riches, fertility and as for wine itself, new beginnings and sacred covenants. The representation of vines in Moorcroft art pottery go back to some of William Moorcroft’s earliest and most iconic designs: Grapes for Liberty & Co in 1906; and his iconic Pomegranate, featuring succulent, rich, burgundy grapes - one of the first designs to flow out of our colossal bottle oven in 1914 with a band of fruit against a mottled green and ochre ground.

This rich thread has been an intrinsic part of Moorcroft design ever since. Indeed, Emma Bossons’s Queen Choice, featuring grapes spoken from the lips of Shakespeare’s Queen Titania, is one of Moorcroft’s longest running designs and is now in its 24th year. Unsurprisingly, Emma has added to the prolific Queens Choice range in this celebration as well as adding a truly remarkable Arts & Crafts design, Grapevine, into the flurry of exciting new 2024 vintages - these include a nostalgic, fully-bodied flambe and blue-on-blue blends, for you all to enjoy.

Blue Vine Nostalgia - Bonbonnier Blue Vine Nostalgia - Bonbonnier

Numbered Edition

Blue Vine Nostalgia

Crimson Tide  - Bowl Crimson Tide  - Bowl

Numbered Edition

Crimson Tide

Queens Choice - Clock Queens Choice - Clock

Queens Choice

Queens Choice - Vase Queens Choice - Vase

Queens Choice

Queens Choice - Vase Queens Choice - Vase

Queens Choice

Queens Choice - Vase Queens Choice - Vase

Queens Choice

Cloud Wine - Vase Cloud Wine - Vase

Numbered Edition

Cloud Wine

Grapes And Vines  - Vase Grapes And Vines  - Vase

Limited Edition

Grapes And Vines

Paris: The Last Vineyard - Vase Paris: The Last Vineyard - Vase

Limited Edition

Paris: The Last Vineyard

Vineyard Glory - Vase Vineyard Glory - Vase

Limited Edition

Vineyard Glory