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Snowdrop Sensations

A new collection which celebrates the elegant snowdrop - an essential part of a winter garden and one of the earliest flowers of the year, giving cheer to all who see it on even the darkest of days.

No one could fail to love the simple charm of this late winter beauty. To botanist, John Gerard, writing in 1597, it was the ‘Timely flowring Bulbus violet’ while an older English name was ‘candlemas bells’, a nod to its early flowering habitat at Candlemas, six weeks after Christmas.

Fortunate One - Vase Fortunate One - Vase

Limited Edition

Fortunate One

Mrs Macnamara - Vase Mrs Macnamara - Vase

Numbered Edition

Mrs Macnamara

Ruby's Gold - Vase Ruby's Gold - Vase

Numbered Edition

Ruby's Gold