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Irresistible Irises

The world of irises is like no other with iris varieties range in height from 6 inches to a phenomenal, 4 feet! These perfect perennial blooms often come in complex combinations as well as varied colours, with white, purple and yellow being the most common – the latter causing names to emanate from a strange variety of sources due to the sheer multitude of yellow hues, with the design Canary Girls being testament to this fact. Some irises bloom in colours so dark that the flowers appear jet-black. In the world of Moorcroft, as we say good bye to our spring flowers, these early summer blooms fill the gap brilliantly with their rigid, upright habit and ruffly, complex blooms, just as they do in your gardens – unfolding and erupting in unimaginable colours and forms from the demure to jaw-dropping prestige vases.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The West and Midlands Iris Group, the Moorcroft design team have created a collection of iris designs featuring varieties that have never been visited by Moorcroft underglaze before – some, like Rachel’s deeply spiritual Orinoco Flow holds an avalanche of colour and form, whilst all hold a palette that is utterly mesmerizing. Most designs are named after the plants themselves which are in turn named after pivotal people in the Group’s fifty golden years. This is as it should be.

Cotsgold - Clock Cotsgold - Clock

Numbered Edition


Sugar Candy - Plaque Sugar Candy - Plaque

Numbered Edition

Sugar Candy

Peter Hewitt - Vase Peter Hewitt - Vase

Numbered Edition

Peter Hewitt

Meleri - Vase Meleri - Vase

Limited Edition


Perfect Vision  - Vase Perfect Vision  - Vase

Limited Edition

Perfect Vision

Margaret Gillian - Vase Margaret Gillian - Vase

Limited Edition

Margaret Gillian

Godfrey Owen - Vase Godfrey Owen - Vase

Limited Edition

Godfrey Owen

Canary Girls - Vase Canary Girls - Vase

Limited Edition

Canary Girls

Orinoco Flow - Vase Orinoco Flow - Vase

Limited Edition

Orinoco Flow

Fern Harden - Vase Fern Harden - Vase

Limited Edition

Fern Harden