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The Colours of Autumn Collection

Nothing compares to the range of depth and intensity of the colours of autumn, they stir our inner most souls. Red for energy, passion and action; brown calls for security, protection and earthy tranquillity; yellow, the colour of cheerfulness, the mind and the intellect; orange the colour of adventure, radiating warmth and happiness, and when combined, the autumnal colour palette holds an energy like no other season. Amber, auburn, cinnamon, gamboge, crimson, carmine, cornelian, carnelian, scarlet, maroon, burgundy, and russet - there are a multitude of words that ignite the fire of autumn.

Moorcroft’s Colours of Autumn Collection takes you into a world where ceramic alchemy reveals autumn’s glory in a way which words cannot muster; a decadent feast for the eyes as we journey through autumnal scenes and images holding a hearty blast of warmth before the cool-blue hues of winter reside.

Autumn Equinox - Vase Autumn Equinox - Vase

Numbered Edition

Autumn Equinox

Mr Bramble - Plaque Mr Bramble - Plaque

Numbered Edition

Mr Bramble

Pannage - Plaque Pannage - Plaque

Limited Edition


£590.00 £472.00
Reverie - Vase Reverie - Vase

Numbered Edition


The Sleeper - Vase The Sleeper - Vase

Limited Edition

The Sleeper

£995.00 £796.00
Song Moon - Vase Song Moon - Vase

Limited Edition

Song Moon

£1,255.00 £1,004.00
Woodland walk - Plaque Woodland walk - Plaque

Limited Edition

Woodland walk

£870.00 £696.00