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Antique Moorcroft using the flambé firing technique was both time consuming and dangerous. Reduction firing produced carbon monoxide as a by product and lead was used in the manufacturing process. This is why Moorcroft decided to abandon flambé glazes more than three decades ago.

By little short of a miracle, the technique of flambé painting was discovered. It was not dangerous. No lead is used and carbon monoxide is not a nasty by-product. That said, only two Moorcroft artists have discovered how to paint in the flambé way and that flambé work is the finest carried out at Moorcroft today.

Renouned painters Wendy Mason and Julie Dolan have worked have created a glorious selection of flambé pieces, and in most cases, only one of each design will be available.


Flambe Good Cheer - Lidded Box

Flambe Good Cheer 125/4 Lidded Box

£495.00 £420.75


Seconds Flambe Cranston's Queen - Vase

Seconds Flambe Cranston's Queen 46/20 Vase

£5,300.00 £1,855.00



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