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Trials by Design


Designer trials can take up to two years before Moorcroft considers them ready to sign off as perfect. Some never make it that far at all. The long road to perfection has marker posts – Moorcroft calls them trials, each one of which is an improvement on its predecessor. Trial follows trial, some more than four months apart until the final piece emerges from the kiln. This becomes The Master, and is signed off as approved by the Moorcroft Director of Art. Some say that the trials can have a perfection all of their own – an individuality created by the very best tubelining and painting that Moorcroft can summon. There is something very personal about trials and it is that quality which makes them a pleasure to collect. Like all hand-made art pottery, some will carry a manufacturer’s blemish whilst others start to radiate the fact that a designer’s dream of perfection is there – or almost there. Each trial is a page in the story of design creation at Moorcroft, and for the first time, some of these exquisite trials are now available on-line for collectors worldwide to acquire.

Trials are selected on a run of kiln basis and may have a minor imperfection, as each trial is a unique piece.

Cockerels - Plaque

Cockerels PLQ13 Plaque



Cockerels - Vase

Cockerels 81/10 Vase



Consall - Vase

Consall 769/6 Vase



Cornflower - Vase

Cornflower 42/12 Vase



Crab - Vase

Crab 869/4 Vase



Daisy  - Vase

Daisy 198/5 Vase



dormouse - Vase

dormouse 75/8 Vase



Elderflower - Vase

Elderflower 76/5 Vase



Fairy Inkcap 2 - Vase

Fairy Inkcap 2 84/12 Vase



Fig - Vase

Fig 32/5 Vase



Fossil - Vase

Fossil 869/2 Vase



Grebe - Plaque

Grebe PLQ2 Plaque



Grey Wagtail - Vase

Grey Wagtail 117/9 Vase



Hidden Gem - Vase

Hidden Gem 68/12 Vase



Lemons - Vase

Lemons RM2/4 Vase




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