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Heritage Collection

Welcome to the Moorcroft Heritage Collection page. Discover specially-selected designs from years gone by which have long since been retired from production. Periodically, Moorcroft launches a small wave of these historic pots, saved especially for connoisseurs. The age of Heritage Collection pots can vary from 5 to 30 years old and many are impossible to find on the secondary market. Only one of each design is available, meaning that time is of the essence for those who wish to secure a piece.

We hope you enjoy browsing a selection of notable Moorcroft designs, confined to the history books but available once more for you to appreciate and acquire.

Frog March - Bonbonniere

Frog March 28/10 Bonbonniere


Like tadpoles in a pond, we all start life as something small and seemingly insignificant. Only as w..

River Otters - Ginger Jar

River Otters 769/8 Ginger Jar


This was the second in an Open Weekend ginger jar series, following on from the hugely successful Gi..

Gateway to Paradise - Jug

Gateway to Paradise JU3/9 Jug


Based on this theme, an unusual idea was put to Moorcroft designer Emma Bossons, FRSA. The result wa..

Kowhai - Jug

Kowhai JU3 Jug


Kowhai is the national flower of New Zealand, and the first piece to be included in the Collection. ..

Moonlit Tulip - Jug

Moonlit Tulip JU3 Jug


Inspiration for Emma’s design came from her love of that most glorious of spring flowers – the tulip..

Circus Spangles - Lidded Box

Circus Spangles 401/5 Lidded Box


Bold red wine coloured fuchsias, one of designer Rachel Bishop’s favourite flowers, adorn this cheer..

Bees in Corn - Lidded Box

Bees in Corn 243/4 Lidded Box


Bees in Corn finds a pair of bees busily at work among the bright red poppies and sheaves of corn on..

Spirit of Liberty - Plaque

Spirit of Liberty PLQ Plaque


Marked Trial and dated 23.10.2001..

Song of the Wind - Plaque

Song of the Wind PLQ2 Plaque


Although it cannot be seen, the earth and the sky bend to the song of the wind. Only the flowers sta..

Sunbird - Plate

Sunbird 783/8 Plate


The final year plate Moorcroft designed was Sunbirds, launched in 2006. The plate symbolised an end ..

Golden Oriole (2003 Year Plate) - Plate

Golden Oriole (2003 Year Plate) 783/8 Plate


This blackbird-sized male has an unmistakable bright yellow body with black wings. A secretive bird ..

The Gate - Plate

The Gate 51/10 Plate


Through this plate, named simply Eventide House (The Gate), you are asked to enter the house through..

Persephone - Tazza

Persephone TAZZA Tazza


Persephone, goddess of fertility in Greek mythology, is the daughter of Zeus, father of the gods and..

Hepatica Tea Set - Tea Set

Hepatica Tea Set Tea Set Tea Set


Teasets are rare at Moorcroft. The delicate spring flowering hepatica are wrapped around each piece ..

Hawthorne - Vase

Hawthorne 364/8 Vase


Designed as an exclusive for Liberty & Co. of London, this was an early design of young designer, Ni..


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