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Heritage Collection

Welcome to the Moorcroft Heritage Collection page. Discover specially-selected designs from years gone by which have long since been retired from production. Periodically, Moorcroft launches a small wave of these historic pots, saved especially for connoisseurs. The age of Heritage Collection pots can vary from 5 to 30 years old and many are impossible to find on the secondary market. Only one of each design is available, meaning that time is of the essence for those who wish to secure a piece.

We hope you enjoy browsing a selection of notable Moorcroft designs, confined to the history books but available once more for you to appreciate and acquire.

Sweet Betsy - Plate

Sweet Betsy 783/10 Plate


Marked Trial Dated 13.09.00..

Fishing For Dreams - Vase

Fishing For Dreams 121/10 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 9.12.13..

Blue Ebro - Vase

Blue Ebro 81/14 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 22.09.08..

Hair Brained Owl - Vase

Hair Brained Owl 402/4 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 30.09.13..

Blue Fish - Vase

Blue Fish 576/6 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 1.03.07..

Blue Rooster - Vase

Blue Rooster 05/7 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 13.09.11..

Blue is the Sky - Vase

Blue is the Sky 03/7 Vase


Market Trial Dated 30.10.09..

Jacobs Ladder - Vase

Jacobs Ladder 102/3 Vase


Marked Des Trial Dated 9.4.04..

Sea Horse - Vase

Sea Horse 226/7 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 8.5.01..

Blue is the Sky - Vase

Blue is the Sky 3/5 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 30.10.09..

Silent Sounds - Vase

Silent Sounds 80/12 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 23.06.08..

Kaffir Lily - Vase

Kaffir Lily 87/6 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 8.11.2000..

Colour on Ice - Vase

Colour on Ice 226/7 Vase


Marked Trial Dated 03.04.08..


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