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Pantaloon Bee - Master 55/2 Vase


For 2022, the RSPB created a new ‘Digger Valley Insect Walk’ at Minsmere, known simply as Digger Alley – a stretch of path between the pond and north wall that is home to all sorts of wasps & bees. The south-facing aspect of this sandy path is important as it creates a warmer microclimate, and this has attracted a variety of burrowing insects that make their homes directly below your feet. These include rare bees and wasps such as the pantaloon bees, bee wolves, jewel wasps and the green-eyed flower bee. 

Pantaloon bees get their name from the females’ oversized orange pollen brushes on their hind legs, which give the impression of a bee wearing pantaloons! Nestled on the pointed lobes of bright mustard-yellow hawksbeard, the design harness the warm hues of flower and bee to create true mining gold.

Emma’s delicate trio also includes Green-eyed Bee and Jewel Wasp and provides a taste of the wonder one can expect if you enter Digger Alley.

Was: £370.00
Ex Tax: £154.17
  • Designer: Emma Bossons
  • Dimensions: H 5.00 x W 6.00 x D 6.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width6.00cm
  • Product Height5.00cm
  • Product Depth6.00cm
  • Shape:55/2
  • Designer:Emma Bossons
  • Edition:Trial - Master
  • Discontinued:Yes
  • Design Window (Style):Bees, Bugs & Creepy Crawlies

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