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From One Seed PLQ3 Plaque


Sweet peas are a gift to the world from a Sicilian monk, Franciscus Cupani, who in 1699, sent seeds of Lathyrus odoratus to various institutions and plant collectors. All sweet peas emanate from this simple bi- colour of bluish-purple and maroon complete with plain outline, and devoid of that wave or frill which is so attractive a characteristic today.

In 1899, the head gardener at Althorp Park in Northamptonshire, the country seat of Earl Spencer, was Silas Cole. Fortuitously, Silas noticed that the blooms on one plant, a shell-pink bloom named, Prima Donna, were outstandingly different - the petals were curiously frilled. The plant was encouraged to seed and a number of plants flowered the following year retaining the frilly form and colour of the parent plant.

With standards upright, frilly, almost pleated, wings ruffle and roll around three shapes: a jug; plaque and streamlined vase as a colourful sweet pea array clamber with swirling tendrils into a soporific coral-bed bloom of maroon, purple, violet-blue, flame angelfish-orange and shell-pink wings and keels to calm the soul under the ornamental frilled markings of fluttering pale blue butterflies.

Ex Tax: £329.17
  • Designer: Rachel Bishop
  • Dimensions: H 35.00 x W 14.50 x D 1.50 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width14.50cm
  • Product Height35.00cm
  • Product Depth1.50cm
  • Shape:PLQ3
  • Designer:Rachel Bishop
  • Edition:Open
  • Design Window (Style):Broad Florals / Butterflies & Moths

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