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The Steps 120/16 Vase

Numbered Edition

Whitby's 199 Steps leading up to Whitby Abbey and the top of the East Cliff have been transformed into an extraordinary design of gothic intensity. It is thought that the 199 steps were used as a test of Christian faith to those who wished to worship in St Mary’s Church. Climbing the steps would prove that you were faithful. As if stepping into an Alfred Hitchcock film, the edges of each ancient stone zigzag down before you, as the words of Bram Stoker’s Dracula come to life amidst the majestic remains of Whitby Abbey and the cliff-top graveyard. If that was not enough, narrow streets on discordant, steep variants are, paradoxically, dappled with warm light from sleepy fisherman’s cottages, as they tumble and fall into each other, whilst your imagination runs riot.

“But, strangest of all, the very instant the shore was touched, an immense dog sprang up on deck from below … and running forward, jumped from the bow on to the sand. Making straight for the steep cliff, where the churchyard hangs over the laneway to the East Pier … it disappeared in the darkness.”
Dracula by Bram Stoker, 1897

Ex Tax: £2,108.33
  • Designer: Kerry Goodwin
  • Dimensions: H 42.50 x W 15.00 x D 15.00 cm
  • Availability: Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery


  • Product Width15.00cm
  • Product Height42.50cm
  • Product Depth15.00cm
  • Shape:120/16
  • Designer:Kerry Goodwin
  • Edition:Numbered
  • Design Window (Style):Architecture

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