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Kerry started her career at Moorcroft as a painter in 2000, but within a short space of time, was elevated from her position to become a Moorcroft designer. Over the course of over twenty years Kerry has created a generous selection of superb designs for collectors worldwide and continues to harness a clever grasp on all the elements that characterize a good design and a successful limited edition. Kerry is known to be a designer that favours a touch of humour in her designs, many of which are quirky, fun and cheerful, designed to make you smile, raise an eyebrow or laugh out loud in equal measure.

One of her most icon sell-out designs was Potteries In Recession, her design tribute to the economic turmoil of 2008. The cityscape of Stoke-on-Trent was depicted, but in manner reminiscent of L.S.Lowry, with factories, churches and houses all on a slant, with rain sodden people running for cover from the rain of the recession that bounds the cobbled streets. An instant success story in the world of art pottery. Famous for her introduction of brilliant character to Moorcroft designs, and her infectious sense of humour, Kerry Goodwin is a truly inspirational designer.