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Glasgow School of Art - Vase
Numbered Edition

Glasgow School of Art 64/20 Vase


Anyone with just the slightest interest in Moorcroft, will know that the work of Mackintosh has play..

Globe Thistle - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Globe Thistle 121/14 Vase

£1,135.00 £567.50

Globe thistle is a clump-forming flowery friend with upright, grey, woolly stems and spiny, grey-gre..

Au Lait - Platter

Au Lait 121/14 Platter



2 Turtle Doves - Vase

2 Turtle Doves 198/3 Vase


Turtle doves, with their gentle, purring voices, have long been emblems of devoted love. With blushe..

Reflections on William Morris - Vase
Limited Edition

Reflections on William Morris 159/18 Vase


At Moorcroft, everyone knew that William Morris would secure a place in Rachel’s 25th Anniversary Co..

Grasmere Bluebells - Vase
Numbered Edition

Grasmere Bluebells 3/5 Vase


Spring emerges from its battle with winter in the Lake District to rise victorious in a royal carpet..

Helios Flame - Vase
Limited Edition

Helios Flame 189/8 Vase


Emma’s very first sunflower design for Moorcroft was inspired by the view from her desk at home- a v..

June Rose - Vase

June Rose 226/2 Vase


Each month has a flower that symbolizes the month. It is believed that it was the Romans who started..

Skomer Island - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Skomer Island 117/12 Vase

£1,460.00 £730.00

Fresh from the success of her design for the annual Moorcroft May Open Weekend, wherein all members ..

3 French Hens - Vase

3 French Hens 7/3 Vase


Contented plump hens take pride of place in this never-ending folktale and, not surprisingly, so the..

July Delphinium - Vase

July Delphinium 158/2 Vase


Each month has a flower that symbolizes the month. It is believed that it was the Romans who started..

In Flight - Vase

In Flight 72/6 Vase


With a thick seed-eater's bill and a chestnut forehead, reminiscent of a yellowhammer or pine buntin..

Group of Seven - Vase
Numbered Edition

Group of Seven 73/18 Vase


Collecting Moorcroft takes you on a journey of discovery. Not only do you come to possess a piece of..

Tamlaine - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Tamlaine 72/12 Vase

£1,365.00 £682.50

Emma chose a classic chalice shape to tell of her interpretation of a painting called Tamlaine by Ma..

Hera's Beauty - Vase
Numbered Edition

Hera's Beauty 84/12 Vase


Always the eternal symbol of peace and tranquillity, the pure calla lily consists of a rigid and ver..


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