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March Morning - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

March Morning 7/7 Vase

£620.00 £310.00

A floral bouquet made up of snowdrops, snakehead fritillaries and tiger lilies, covers Kerry’s fresh..

Anna Lily - Vase

Anna Lily 117/7 Vase


Moorcroft designer Nicola Slaney introduced Anna Lily in 2001. Since then, its rich and exhuberant f..

Dormouse - Vase
Item Reduced

Dormouse 75/8 Vase

£595.00 £238.00

The dormouse is not an endangered species but its population is under threat. Thankfully here on thi..

Eventide Revisited - Vase
Numbered Edition

Eventide Revisited 162/5 Vase


When the Moorcroft factory opened in 1913, Hazeldene was the first landscape design to emerge from t..

Fairydom - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Fairydom 372/5 Vase

£395.00 £197.50

Dark shadows and linear shapes in the background of this design mark out the mysterious woodland tre..

Seconds Queens Choice - Vase

Seconds Queens Choice 42/12 Vase

£670.00 £402.00

Queens Choice with its succulent grapes, ripe figs and peaches was inspired by Titania’s words in ‘A..

Seconds Gatekeeper Butterfly - Vase
Limited Edition

Seconds Gatekeeper Butterfly 393/7 Vase

£835.00 £501.00

Vicky’s choice was a striking Gatekeeper butterfly with his orange body tipped with brown edges and ..

Seconds Blackheath Rhododendron - vase
Limited Edition

Seconds Blackheath Rhododendron 7/7 vase

£532.00 £319.20


Seconds Rose End Meadows - Vase
Limited Edition

Seconds Rose End Meadows 122/8 Vase

£725.00 £435.00

Emma’s inspiration came from a visit she made to a nature reserve managed by the Derbyshire Wildlife..

Forever England - Vase
Item Reduced

Forever England 375/7 Vase

£485.00 £194.00

This stunning Collection from Moorcroft Pottery is designed by Vicky Lovatt. With golden cornfields ..

Anna lily - Master - Vase
Item Reduced

Anna lily - Master 46/10 Vase

£450.00 £180.00

Moorcroft designer Nicola Slaney introduced Anna Lily in 2001. Since then, its rich and exhuberant f..

Southern Belle - Vase

Southern Belle 121/10 Vase



Paix - Vase

Paix 3/8 Vase


Poppies and cornflowers are both symbols of World War I and World War II. In the Commonwealth, poppi..

Seconds Derwentwater - Vase
Limited Edition

Seconds Derwentwater 65/6 Vase

£460.00 £276.00

Bordered by woods and towering crags, Derwentwater is hailed as 'Queen of the Lakes', and is surroun..

Niagara - Vase

Niagara 576/6 Vase




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