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Smugglers Night 159/8 Vase

Limited Edition

Each year, in Lewes, East Sussex, seven bonfire societies put on costumed parades through the town, holding aloft papier-mâché figures of famous historical people. Each bonfire society drags flaming tar barrels through the streets of a different area of the town, ending in a bonfire and firework display. The origins of this event started over two hundred years ago, but what was originally a night of chaos is now a night of family-friendly fun for all.

The bonfire societies each have costumes that they wear. Themes include ancient Greeks, buccaneers, French revolutionaries, monks, Tudors, Vikings and smugglers. These ‘smugglers’ wear striped jumpers in colours that identify their society, with white trousers, black boots, and a hat or bandanna. In Kerry’s design it is, of course, Guy Fawkes who is being paraded by the torch carrying townsfolk. In the pitch-black sky, fireworks rocket overhead bringing with them a kaleidoscope of colour for a brief moment.

Bonfire night, or Guy Fawkes’ Night, as it is also known, is one of the most widely celebrated events in the British calendar. On the 5th of November each year, in the dark skies above us, there are flashes and cracks as fireworks fly, sparklers sizzle and the air around us is filled with smoke and the smells from tasty food stalls. Many people will attend a community bonfire or firework display, though not all will be on scale of the annual parade in Lewes, which is a real rare treat to enjoy.

Ex Tax: £550.00
  • Designer: Kerry Goodwin
  • Dimensions: H 20.50 x W 10.00 x D 10.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width10.00cm
  • Product Height20.50cm
  • Product Depth10.00cm
  • Shape:159/8
  • Designer:Kerry Goodwin
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:15

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