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Windermere Charr 100/9 Vase

Limited Edition

Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. Plummeting to a depth of around 64m its waters support one of Britain’s largest populations of Arctic charr, whose presence in the lake is often described as a relic of the last ice age, as they were trapped there when the glaciers retracted from the area around 12,000 years ago.

Charr fishing on the Lake Windermere is a tradition, at least 150 years old, and it still goes on today, though it is vastly reduced in scale compared to a generation ago. Should you walk along the shore of Lake Windermere you can see the fisherman’s distinctive twin-poled boats as they work their way steadily across the lake, following lines laid down by those that went before them many years ago.

There are two distinct types of charr in Lake Windermere, which live in the deep basins to the north and south of the lake, separated by shallower ridge. Populations of this cold-water fish have declined in the last 20 years, largely as a result of warmer lake waters. In Emma’s design a shoal of charr thrive amongst the reeds in the cool depths of the lake, while above them the Cumbrian mountains surrounding Windermere look down on them, just as they have done for thousands of years.

Ex Tax: £1,145.83
  • Designer: Emma Bossons
  • Dimensions: H 22.50 x W 18.00 x D 18.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width18.00cm
  • Product Height22.50cm
  • Product Depth18.00cm
  • Shape:100/9
  • Designer:Emma Bossons
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:20
  • Design Window (Style):Fish & Water

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