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Winters Shelter 32/2 Vase


The hedgerows most important job now is to provide shelter for those that still rely upon it such as small birds. Shiny, bright red holly berries bring much needed colour to the bare branches and provide sustenance for hungry robins, while passers-by are more interested in the hedgerows’ festive holly leaves used for adorning homes as we head towards Christmas.

Ex Tax: £160.00
  • Designer: Nicola Slaney
  • Dimensions: H 5.00 x W 6.50 x D 6.50 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width6.50cm
  • Product Height5.00cm
  • Product Depth6.50cm
  • Shape:32/2
  • Designer:Nicola Slaney
  • Edition:Open
  • Design Window (Style):Birds & Feathers

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