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RSPB Rainham Marshes Collection

Just beyond the Thames Barrier in East London, RSPB Rainham Marshes, once a Ministry of Defence firing range, now explodes with wildlife which thrives on the ancient grazing mashes of the Thames Estuary. Its mix of shallow lagoons, scrub, lowland grazing marsh dissected by ditches, reedbed and woodland provides habitat for a wide range of birds and scarce wetland plants and insects.

The mysterious and ecologically important RSPB Rainham Marshes, which set the natural drama for Charles Dickens to write Great Expectations, is a wetland world of mists and mud flats of some 870 astounding acres. With sheer pride, Moorcroft now unveils this great RSPB success story in the new RSPB Rainham Marshes Collection, allowing you to quite literally stroll along the boardwalks and viewing platforms. It is here where old shooting butts become viewing posts for herons; teals bathe in tranquil lagoons; Red-Listed birds, like Lapwings, thrive along the muddy banks, and curious little Water Voles scuttle within the reed beds as the Shrill Carder bees buzz in air filled with Ruddy Darters and Brimstones.

Angel Ascent - Vase Angel Ascent - Vase

Limited Edition

Angel Ascent

Lapwing - Ginger Jar Lapwing - Ginger Jar

Limited Edition


Magwitch - Vase Magwitch - Vase

Limited Edition


Shrill Carder Bee - Lidded Box Shrill Carder Bee - Lidded Box

Numbered Edition

Shrill Carder Bee

Water Vole Haven - Plaque Water Vole Haven - Plaque

Numbered Edition

Water Vole Haven