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Catching the Wind EGG Egg


A flotilla of racing sailing boats whip across the crested waves of the sea, each trying to out manoeuvre each other to take the lead position. Each sailing boat tries to catch the wind in their billowing sails and use it to their advantage. Closer to shore the sea is calmer, with the hills protecting those sailing from the buffeting wind, but out on the high sea, each ship’s crew seek to catch the wind and race away to victory.

Ex Tax: £404.17
  • Designer: Paul Hilditch
  • Dimensions: H 10.50 x W 0.00 x D 0.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Height10.50cm
  • Shape:EGG
  • Designer:Paul Hilditch
  • Edition:Open
  • Design Window (Style):Transport

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