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Manhattan Charleston 262/18 Vase

Numbered Edition
Vase Vase Vase

You are swept into the world of the roaring twenties as luxurious deco facades host the young women who flouted the clothing norms of their generation so that they could be free to express themselves in the Jazz age, with loud makeup and bobbed hair – these were the women who raised the hems and the eyebrows of their era. Paul’s scene transports the viewer into the 1920’s with jaw-dropping art deco extravagance complete with Deco chevrons to frame Paul’s silent movie, suggestive imagery is clever – Epstein tables and iconic cloud back chairs hold ladies looking out of arched Deco windows at ‘Chrysler’ style buildings. In the same way, greyhounds sit elegantly on striking black and white Deco tiled floors, mimicking the streamlined form of their mistresses. Art Deco design is characterised by strong lines and patterns, highly-defined shapes, and blocks of solid colours. This limited edition is not simply in the Deco style – it is a window into another time and place, and as such, holds the hallowed hallmark of Paul’s work.

Ex Tax: £3,141.67
  • Designer: Paul Hilditch
  • Dimensions: H 48.00 x W 13.00 x D 13.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width13.00cm
  • Product Height48.00cm
  • Product Depth13.00cm
  • Shape:262/18
  • Designer:Paul Hilditch
  • Edition:Numbered
  • Collection:2018 Catalogue
  • Design Window (Style):People

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