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Brand Development

After a vast number of design trials, key elements of this utterly-crisp interior art form began to emerge. Shapes could be visualised melting into other aspects of a modern interior with colours and surface design working as a consort to interior and exterior visions. White coloured earthenware, with shapes inspired by geometric structures, allow attention to be directed at form when combined with contemporary and sophisticated surface design. Within the designconsort offerings are new design concepts and surface patterns, from a trio of vases Web, Weave and Wing, designed with angles to complement its sister shapes and interconnecting effortlessly, to a shoal of fish or vision of isosceles triangles that appear to change form to suit your chosen angles of the vase.

Brand Origin

designconsort emerged as an independent entity from one of England's finest art potteries, Moorcroft, established in 1897. All ground-breaking new creations require a new territory of their own to populate, without any chains from the past holding down unique new life. With a formidable team of creative designers, designconsort has a depth of handmade ceramic expertise backed up by a wealth of heritage skills from master craftsmen and women. Each piece of designconsort is made in Staffordshire, England, and is ‘tubelined' with liquid clay on utterly contemporary shapes to create a raised ceramic outline before being hand-painted with colourful metallic oxide paints, and fired twice, the second firing with a vitreous glaze. Many designs also use delicate amounts of gold and silver lustre within designconsort’s trademark abstract and geometric designs.





Design from Build to Interior

Lead Designer, Emma Bossons FRSA, strides forward with an enigmatic vision for design. Like all the designers who have contributed to designconsort, Emma is a young and observant individual who takes note of things that many overlook. designconsort is constantly looking to harness a beauty not yet revealed - where the building and its interior link harmoniously. The designs that have been created showcase beauty and intelligence in surface design and shape without overpowering the setting. Our team set out to inspire you all to make great ceramic design a part of your lives and as its name suggests, it may be the perfect partner for your home interior.