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Roses for Henry Cranke Andrews

There is no flower more universally loved than the beautiful English rose. Every garden should have one,” Emma Bossons FRSA.

For 2024, Emma was inspired by hand-coloured engravings of roses by Henry Cranke Andrews (f.1794-1830), an English botanist, as well as a talented botanical artist, engraver and colourist. The Botanist's Repository was his first publication. It was issued in London in a series of ten volumes between 1797 and 1812. In truth, it would be his monograph on roses, which demonstrates his sheer observational accuracy of the genus Rosa that would cause his name to be celebrated in Moorcroft art pottery and his roses admired again the world over. The full title of Andrews’s monograph on roses is Roses: or a monograph of the genus Rosa: containing coloured figures of all the known species and beautiful varieties, drawn, engraved, described, and coloured, from the living plants. It was published by Andrews in two volumes, in 1805 and 1828. Roses for Henry Cranke Andrews holds a riveting rose collection in a vast array of colour and form, from ruffled and single bloom roses to rich heritage colours, mixed with pale and Mediterranean hues, to evoke a quintessentially English country garden underglaze. In truth, you cannot have an English country garden without a remarkable legacy of roses, and it is through Rose Legacy that Moorcroft was able to bring together all of the seven different roses in the collection that botanical artist Henry Cranke Andrews brought to life with his fine paintings around two hundred years ago, as the central design in this collection. The hours of craftsmanship involved in the creation of this masterpiece will make you swoon as Rosa eglanteria 'Lutea', Rosa spinosissima ‘Nana’, Rosa spinosissima var. luteola contrast against the softer hues of the other blooms – each of which brings a kaleidoscope of colour.

A Rose For Love - Vase A Rose For Love - Vase

Limited Edition

A Rose For Love

Ferox - Vase Ferox - Vase

Limited Edition


Gracilis - Tray Gracilis - Tray

Numbered Edition


Heritage Rose - Plaque Heritage Rose - Plaque

Numbered Edition

Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose - Vase Heritage Rose - Vase

Limited Edition

Heritage Rose

Luteola - Vase Luteola - Vase

Numbered Edition


Nana - Vase Nana - Vase

Limited Edition


Rosa Eglanteria 'Lutea' - Vase Rosa Eglanteria 'Lutea' - Vase

Limited Edition

Rosa Eglanteria 'Lutea'

Rose Legacy - Vase Rose Legacy - Vase

Limited Edition

Rose Legacy