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Wood Mouse 54/2 Vase


This is the second great month in the harvest hedgerow year and the hedgerow is laden with a wide variety of fruit. Small mammals such as bank voles, common shrews, hazel dormice and hedgehogs scuttle around putting aside food for the winter months. Meanwhile, hungry wood mice, who cannot wait to eat, feed themselves on the fallen fruit before they start their long winter sleep.

Ex Tax: £150.00
  • Designer: Nicola Slaney
  • Dimensions: H 5.00 x W 4.00 x D 4.00 cm
  • Availability: Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery


  • Product Width4.00cm
  • Product Height5.00cm
  • Product Depth4.00cm
  • Shape:54/2
  • Designer:Nicola Slaney
  • Edition:Open
  • Design Window (Style):Animals

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