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Rainbow Magic PLQ6 Plaque


A survivor of two World Wars, numerous recessions and the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the flu pandemic post World War I, and now the crippling Covid-19 world pandemic, Moorcroft has, once more, shown to the world its resilience in extreme adversity. Survival is almost impossible to analyse, but a common factor, over more than a century, is one single word - love. This might be the love within its workforce, the love of designers for their work and probably above all else, the love of Moorcroft collectors who have together kept the art pottery alive through good times and bad.

Love has many symbols, most of them very personal to each of us, but there are a handful which are both familiar and universal. One of these is the rainbow. More than once a rainbow has arched itself over the Moorcroft factory as if embracing and protecting something very precious indeed. For many years, it has been and still is for Moorcroft, a symbol of love, hope, strength, loyalty and colourful beauty all rolled into one. Nicola brings us a Moorcroft rainbow, arched over The Works symbolising love and hope on that most favoured of all Moorcroft shapes, the classic ginger jar, together with a small, framed plaque.

Was: £390.00
Ex Tax: £162.50
  • Designer: Nicola Slaney
  • Dimensions: H 13.50 x W 13.50 x D 1.50 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width13.50cm
  • Product Height13.50cm
  • Product Depth1.50cm
  • Shape:PLQ6
  • Designer:Nicola Slaney
  • Edition:Open
  • Collection:Art of Adversity
  • Discontinued:Yes
  • Design Window (Style):Broad Florals/Architecture

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