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Back Dane Trust Collection

Moorcroft designers Kerry Goodwin and Emma Bossons FRSA have always enjoyed being in nature and the calmness gained from the natural world. Their designs for Moorcroft are testament to that. Designs created through immersion in nature grow organically out of reverence and love. Fortunately for Moorcroft, when this is combined with their world-class talent, the outcome is often spectacular. As chance would have it, the designers were asked to create designs for the Back Dane Trust, a small volunteer-run charity that owns a converted farmhouse, Back Dane, in the Peak District National Park. It is situated in an area of outstanding beauty at the edge of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire. For them, it was a very special place and they could see why it has become a sanctuary for many. As they toured the farm, woodland area, wildflower meadows and strolled down to the River Dane, they knew that the Arts and Crafts pottery had itself found a home.

The Trust describes its purpose as providing ‘educational and recreational facilities for those in need, or those who are disadvantaged in some way.’ They welcome and support charitable groups wanting to host respite breaks. Inner city children, refugees, young carers, children and adults with learning difficulties have all been supported. Children can enjoy outdoor play, fun and adventure at Back Dane. With its own nature trail, deciduous woodland, riverside area, wildflower meadow, fire pit and sensory garden, nature is allowed to unfold and heal.

Back Dane’s diverse natural habitat, which encourages a rich variety of wildlife from buttercups, wood anemones and bluebells in the meadows and pied flycatchers taking up residence in the bird boxes made and erected by children, offers a treasure trove of design inspiration. While funds for each piece sold within the Back Dane Collection, will help the Trust in its work, Moorcroft also believes that these pieces of art pottery, each as individually and beautifully created as those that enjoy Back Dane, will offer you a sanctuary through the natural world.

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The Back Dane Trust Registered Charity No. 1089834

Birds Foot Trefoil - Vase Birds Foot Trefoil - Vase

Numbered Edition

Birds Foot Trefoil

Pied Wagtail - Vase Pied Wagtail - Vase

Numbered Edition

Pied Wagtail

Wildflower Medley buttercup - Plaque Wildflower Medley buttercup - Plaque

Wildflower Medley buttercup

The Wildlife Pond - Vase The Wildlife Pond - Vase

Limited Edition

The Wildlife Pond

The Wildlife Pond - Plaque The Wildlife Pond - Plaque

Limited Edition

The Wildlife Pond