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Designer Anji Davenport

Anji joined Moorcroft as a painter over 20 years ago and today is one of Moorcroft’s finest painters.  Anji is also a designer, one who is anchored to the natural world, and her designs reflect the fact that she is a farmer's daughter, with a rural upbringing. Woodside Farm, her childhood home, was introduced in 1999 and ran for many years in annual Moorcroft catalogues. For some time, it had been hoped that this iconic Moorcroft design would make a second appearance, but in another form. In 2012, this became a reality. A prestige version Woodside Farm vase now is available to collectors who missed out on the opportunity to secure an example of the design first time around, whilst Who Goes There offers a smaller taste of that Cheshire countryside upbringing which still influences Anji, with a solitary black cat silently watching a stealthy fox cross snow laden fields.  Pieces showing her both as the painter, as well as the designer, are highly sought after today, whilst early examples of Woodside Farm fetch strong prices on the secondary market should you be fortunate to find one today.  

woodside farm

who goes there



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