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Maple - Watercolour

Maple Watercolour


The national emblem of Canada, the maple leaf is cleverly hidden in this geometric design in warm to..

Spring Memories - Watercolour

Spring Memories Watercolour


Colourful yellow daffodils, are married together with delicate, blue forget-me-not flowers, in this ..

Montana - Watercolour

Montana Watercolour



Swifts - Watercolour

Swifts Watercolour


Swifts in flight are a wonderful sight, as they swoop over our homes. This design was launched in th..

Echoes in Art - Watercolour

Echoes in Art Watercolour



December  Poinsettia - Watercolour

December Poinsettia Watercolour



Rose - Watercolour

Rose Watercolour



Harebell - Watercolour

Harebell Watercolour


A miniature watercolour featuring bright and bold spring harebells, that nod their bell shaped petal..

Leaves in the Wind - Watercolour

Leaves in the Wind Watercolour


Moorcroft celebrates 100 years of Walter Moorcroft in 2017 and to mark the occasion, designers have ..

September Aster - Watercolour

September Aster Watercolour



Cirl Bunting - Watercolour

Cirl Bunting Watercolour



Triginta - Watercolour

Triginta Watercolour



Delightful - Watercolour

Delightful Watercolour


Nicola first depicted dog violets in her 2010 Star Award jug, but in Delightful, rows of dog violet ..

Edelweis - Watercolour

Edelweis Watercolour



Moorcroft Rose - Watercolour

Moorcroft Rose Watercolour


To have a rose named after you is a wonderful achievement, and Moorcroft were very proud when in 201..


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