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Mr Coal the Christmas Cat PLQ14 Plaque


Throughout the year Mr Coal, as stealthy as they come, can pass unnoticed between the hedges and outbuildings of his home. Yet when the time comes for a blanket of pure-white snow, his camouflage is lost and his prowling becomes evident for all to see. Rachel’s stirring mid-winter scene surrounds this slinky black cat, who pads his cold paws under a snowy moonlit-sky. Heading in the direction his homely cottage, Mr Coal the Christmas Cat detects a faint whiff of turkey gravy in the air…

Ex Tax: £195.83
  • Designer: Rachel Bishop
  • Dimensions: H 19.50 x W 14.50 x D 2.00 cm
  • Availability: Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery


  • Product Width14.50cm
  • Product Height19.50cm
  • Product Depth2.00cm
  • Shape:PLQ14
  • Designer:Rachel Bishop
  • Edition:Open
  • Design Window (Style):Animals / Architecture / Landscape

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