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Margaret Gillian 92/9 Vase

Limited Edition

Utilising a celadon body, Vicky was able to re-create in ceramic form the hidden depths of colour found in the dark red violet standards and even darker velvety red purple falls, which hold near black centres, in contrast to their fine cream rim. The artistry required to paint this design, which holds no less than six framed irises woven into the lower and upper sections of this double-bulb shaped vase, is phenomenal, and Vicky knew this as she detailed the design with dark veins on green signals, requiring a careful finger-tip to blend into cream at the outer edge.

One of two Siberian irises in this Moorcroft Collection, Iris ‘Margaret Gillian’ is bred by Jennifer Hewitt who founded the West and Midlands Iris Group in 1974. Jennifer held almost every role in the group and was still involved until her death in 2023. The deeply-colourful iris is named after 'Margaret Gillian' to mark the depth of their friendship. Gilliam was also the Group’s Secretary.

Ex Tax: £916.67
  • Designer: Vicky Lovatt
  • Dimensions: H 23.50 x W 9.50 x D 9.50 cm
  • Availability: Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery


  • Product Width9.50cm
  • Product Height23.50cm
  • Product Depth9.50cm
  • Shape:92/9
  • Designer:Vicky Lovatt
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:15
  • Design Window (Style):Broad Florals

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