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Alicia is one of the most accomplished tubeliners at Moorcroft, and from there, design was only a short step away. Since her arrival in 1998, Alicia has regularly produced pieces for the Open Weekend auction each year at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre. Her first catalogue design Meadow Cranesbill was launched in 2002 and for since then more designs have followed, perhaps the most famous of all being Bramble Revisited.

Bramble Revisited offers deepest berry-wine colours within a wild and unkempt bramble garland of fruit and flowers, and each year Alicia refreshes the collection with additional new shapes. With a young daughter, Alicia does not have as much time available to herself as she would like to design, but those designs that come forth from her creative mind, remain of the highest quality, with great worldwide appeal.

bramble revisited

Lakeland fells