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Christmas - NEW for 2021

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Pomander - Bauble

Pomander Bauble Bauble


A handful of Christmas larder favourites are carefully clustered together on Emma’s bauble design. C..

Woodland Story - Model

Woodland Story MOD36 Model


Taken from Nicola’s 2018 design, Woodland Story, we are delighted to see the return of the mouse and..

The Journey Home - Model

The Journey Home MOD35 Model


Upon bountiful, fluffy layers of midwinter snow, two wild companions raise their snouts into the air..

Family on Ice - Model

Family on Ice MOD39 Model


The nominees for best father must surely include emperor penguin males, who go to extraordinary extr..

Little Owls - Mug

Little Owls MU2 Mug



Ring o' Robins - Mug

Ring o' Robins MU2 Mug



Let It Snow - Mug

Let It Snow MU2 Mug



The Party - Mug

The Party MU2 Mug



Winter Visitor - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Winter Visitor PLQ7 Plaque


Chuckling flocks of fieldfare roaming the UK’s countryside are a delightful part of the winter scene..

Silent Watchman - Plaque

Silent Watchman PLQ7 Plaque


A patchwork blanket of snow muffles the gentle padding paws of a lone badger snuffling in the underg..

The Hidden Robin - Plaque

The Hidden Robin PLQ6 Plaque


Under a canopy of disintegrating autumn leaves, evergreen holly and clouds of fluffy snow, a lone ro..

The Party - Plaque

The Party PLQ7 Plaque


The Party offers an insight into Emma’s playful side. Plump baby penguins huddle together at the mos..

Coming Home - Plaque
Limited Edition

Coming Home PLQ2 Plaque


In traditional Victorian attire, a lady in red greets a tall gentleman under the light of a winter m..

The Gift - Vase

The Gift 869/4 Vase


A garland of freshly sliced jaffa oranges and delicate white blossom enclose this vase. The connecti..

Blue Tinsel - Vase

Blue Tinsel 32/2 Vase


The star of Bethlehem or blue tinsel lily, is a perennial herb endemic to Western Australia. In 1840..


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