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World Bee Day Collection

Bees are increasingly under threat from human activities. It is well-known that bumblebees are great pollinators, and therefore have a key role in producing most of the food that we eat and the flowers we enjoy. To raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, the UN designated 20th May as World Bee Day and at Moorcroft, we wholeheartedly support this.

As you sit back to enjoy these designs in your home, let them be a reminder to us all to think carefully about mowing down weeds, using chemicals in gardens and leaving wild areas untouched in our gardens for bees to enjoy.

At the start of 2019, Rachel Bishop launched four framed plaques each featuring a different species of endangered bee and the flowers attractive to them. The collection proved to be a huge success, selling-out within weeks. As we approach World Bee Day, we are delighted to announce that Rachel has redrawn her designs onto new pieces of various shapes and sizes. However, in addition to these four diminutive vases also comes a new bee vase from Rachel, together with further pieces by guest designers.

Broken-Belted Bee - Tray
Limited Edition

Broken-Belted Bee 780/4 Tray


The broken-belted bumblebee feasts on a cornflower. The yellow band at the front of the thorax is an..

Bee-Kind - Vase
Limited Edition

Bee-Kind 159/8 Vase


Echinacea flowers in all their mellow glory, herald the hazy days of late summer when the birds and ..

Bilberry Bee - Vase
Limited Edition

Bilberry Bee 364/5 Vase


The bilberry bee chooses bilberry fruit of course, its little body causing the branch to bend over w..

The Hive - Vase

The Hive 54/2 Vase


Thinking in particular of Moorcroft?s Club members around the world, Club Co-Ordinator Melanie has c..

Seasonal Bees - Ginger Jar
Limited Edition

Seasonal Bees 769/6 Ginger Jar


The hairy-footed bee appears on pulmonarias, representing spring. The common carder bee appears on f..


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