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Windows on the World

With no less than sixteen Design Windows, Moorcroft connoisseurs are spoilt for choice. In 1897 William Moorcroft opened his first Design Window which embraced Florian and Structured designs. Today it has been joined by fifteen more. Director of Art, Elise Adams, is uniquely placed to give us a fleeting glimpse of just six of the Design Windows.

From Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th all pieces in stock in the six design windows below will qualify for a 25% discount BUT on the one specific Open Window Day designs in that Design Window will qualify for a 40% discount, for one day only.

    Open Window Days            Design Windows
Tuesday 15th May                  Transport
          Wednesday 16th May      Geometric and Stylised
  Thursday 17th May               Architecture
      Friday 18th May              Birds and Feathers
    Saturday 19th May                Broad Florals
Sunday 20th May                  Landscape

It is not necessary to wait until an Open Window Day arrives to buy with a 25% discount. The choice is your whether you wait to take advantage of the higher 40% discount, but as stock is strictly limited you run the risk of pieces having already sold out.

Any connoisseur who buys from a Design Window on any one of the six days of Windows on the World will receive, with our compliments, a voucher for £50 redeemable at our Reflections on Design event at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre on Friday 29th June 2018.

No further discounts are available on ‘Windows of the World’ designs.

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