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Over 200 years ago, the words of poet William Wordsworth were immortalised in British history. Celebrating written poetry and the visual arts, Moorcroft’s designers celebrate this great wordsmith with the Reimagining Wordsworth Collection – a range of designs which bring his famous words to life.


Rydal Waters - Vase
Limited Edition

Rydal Waters 104/9 Vase


Rydal Water is one of the smallest lakes but it is very popular partly because of its Wordsworth con..

Waterlily Gleam - Master - Vase

Waterlily Gleam - Master 11/9 Vase


In 1811 Wordsworth and his wife, Mary, took their children Catherine and Thomas to Bootle on the Cum..

Ullswater Cloud - Plaque
Limited Edition

Ullswater Cloud PLQ11 Plaque


The inspiration for the poem came from a walk Wordsworth took with his sister Dorothy around Glencoy..


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