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Whitby Collection

As famous for its fish as it is for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Whitby boasts of a history reaching back to 656AD, the year when the original Abbey was founded by Osway, the first Christian King of Northumbria. Destroyed by Viking raiders in 867AD, it was finally re-founded in 1078AD and it was at this time that Whitby acquired its present name. Fish, fishermen and boats would have arrived at about the same time with literature weaving its intricate threads in to the tapestry of time to make Whitby one of the most admired towns of our age. The Whitby lighthouse, so evocatively captured by Moorcroft designer, Kerry Goodwin, shines like a beacon of hope for the future of Moorcroft design amidst squawking seagulls and rolling camomile lawns. The Collection is completed with visions of Whitby Abbey perched high on a cliff, Whitby itself and Kerry’s other designs from the deep recesses of her imagination, capturing mythical tales and shoals of perfection.

The Abbey - Plaque
Limited Edition

The Abbey PLQ11 Plaque


Perched high above the historic and picturesque town of Whitby, The Abbey stands guard just as it ha..

The Night Guardian - Vase
Limited Edition

The Night Guardian 393/7 Vase


Sited well above the town, Whitby Lighthouse looks out on a sea fabled for its unreliable weather. I..

Fishing in White - Vase
Limited Edition

Fishing in White 82/16 Vase


It was as inevitable as night following day, that The Whitby Collection should bring with it a feast..

Tales of the Deep - Vase
Limited Edition

Tales of the Deep 121/10 Vase


However much conservationists might squirm at the thought, from the time the North Sea became a mari..


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